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Examples of our work

Show below are some examples of our work that demonstrate the wide range of quality engineering services that we can place at your disposal. Both volume and small batch production can be undertaken.

  1. Bolts & Screws: Hexagon, Fitted Shoulder, 12 Point, Slotted, Square
  2. Socket Products: Capscrews, Shoulders, Socket pressure plugs, Socket Setscrews Various Points, Button Heads
  3. Studs: Fully threaded, Waisted, Engineer Studs(Double Ended), Tie Rods
  4. Nuts: Hexagon, Square, All Metal Lock Nuts, Lock Nuts with Nylon Insert, 12 Point, Round, Castle/Slotted, Capnuts
  5. Washers: All shapes and sizes, Spherical/Conical washers sets, Tab, Taper, Plate
  6. Shafts, Pins, Special Bespoke Items.

The above list is a brief introduction to the capabilities of Sildun Manufacturing.

We will produce any part exactly to your specification/requirements. This means:-

  1. No restriction on Quantity!
  2. Produced to suit YOUR delivery needs.
  3. Conforming to YOUR quality expectations